Data & Telecoms

Fiber Internet

A High Speed Fiber Internet line keeps you connected. Less to no down time and without the constant copper cable issues. Fiber connectivity is dependent on the service availability in your area. VoIP lines & Hosted PBX Systems are also available on this service. Contact us to check availability in your area at no cost

Wireless Microwave Internet

Wireless Microwave Internet provides you with the same speed as Fiber. This services is an alternative in areas where Fiber infrastructure is not available yet. VoIP lines & Hosted PBX Systems are also available on this service

LTE Internet

LTE Internet Lines make use of the 4G Cellular Networks available in your area. We do a free coverage check prior to the installation of these lines. This option is more suited for smaller companies as a limited amount of VoIP lines are available on this service.

On Site & Hosted VoIP Telephone Systems

In conjunction with the various Internet Services, you can port your existing telephone lines to the VoIP platform. This will enable you to make normal phone calls over your Internet Line at a much lower rate then the conventional copper, analogue and ISDN services. A whole range of packages are available to suite and better your company’s telephony requirements. The VoIP Lines can be connected to your existing PBX System provided compatibility is confirmed.

                          Security Systems


A CCTV (closed-circuit television) System allows the use of videos cameras to monitor and record the interior and exterior of a property, transmitting the signal to a monitor or an App on your Cellphone. More and more of us are making use of the benefits of CCTV Security Systems

Security Gate Automation

A Security Gate Motor is a device used to open and close sliding and swing gates via remote control. For the Industrial Garage and Roller Shutter Doors the Larger Motors are available.